A masterful thriller, a modern day Bourne Identity, I can't wait for the sequel: 'The Trace' Jason Fox 'SAS: Who Dares Wins'


Project 8

Project 8 is a series of journals to explore idea's, focus thinking and live life by taking daily actions that count.

This 'Who Thinks Wins' series is the rocket fuel for future ambitions and achievements. Ray is in the business of education and his journal series is all about getting people to pursue their ideas like he has, with video tutorials explaining the WHY and HOW. Simply Explore ideas, create a few solid goals for Living, whilst developing healthy Thinking.

"Who Thinks Wins" Series

4000 miles | 50 Pubs

50 days of cycling, talking, book signing whilst interviewing convicts, killers and local unsung heroes that inspire.

Ray aims to peddle 4000 miles around England’s coastline in 50 days. Suited and booted on a Brompton bike, he'll sign books in 50 pubs and deliver his unique style of ted-talk centred on hardening up, without actually having to be that hard. Over a pint he will podcast local unsung heroes, convicts and maybe a few killers, but no-burnt out celebs thankfully.

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solo expedition 2021

2021 Ray is looking to complete some unfinished business in Antarctica, and end a decade of frustration and torment.

Throughout life Ray has been an all or nothing character driven by impulse. Having completed North and South Pole expeditions, ultra events and climbed the odd mountain, he has ditched the junk food and continental strength lager lifestyle to attempt to ski 1600-miles solo, unsupported in what is deemed the first full Trans-Antarctica crossing.

Extreme Endeavour 2

meet ray

A classic British ambassador who is authentic, unique and extremely diversified as he pushes the boundaries in life.

From Royal Marine to SAS Sergeant, North Pole to the South Pole Solo, Author, Mentor and fearless entrepreneur. Crafting a real-life story with no regrets has challenged his impulses and self-belief to enter unknowns. Ray’s life trajectory is good, bad and ugly. A genuine guy who believes in proving yourself right and wrong in life by simply daring to take the leap.

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