Project 8

Igniting or sparking off inspiration through reading a book, film or meeting someone has its purpose. Real inspiration? The stuff that makes us want to pursue challenges and goals with authenticity, passion and drive? That’s all down to us, and it’s all about actively focusing our thinking so ideas become ambitions then achievements in life.


Coming May 2021

Ray is a qualified Leadership and Performance Coach, Trainer of NLP, Mind Coach and passionately believes that focusing to actively think is at the core of building a healthy mind.

The “Who Thinks Wins’ series is 3 journals to focus the mind by Exploring ideas, Thinking about thinking, and finally Living life with simple plans and daily actions that count.

1. Explore

2. Think

3. Live

The series is part of Project 8, Rays bigger vision for inspiring the masses with simple quality products that can drive daily actions by focusing on clean thinking.

The Inception…


The Series Benefits


  • Personal + Work goals

  • Weekly Planner + Review area

  • Daily Work actions.

  • Daily personal goals

  • Mind-trash area

  • Free’s up headspace

  • Results + Feedback daily

  • Build a mental toolbox


  • Achieve your goals

  • Enhance focus and belief

  • Fuel creativity

  • Daily journal or jotter

  • Stimulates ideas to pursue

  • Increase passion and drive.

  • Activates the mind daily

  • Explore the big questions