The Clinic

Inspired by Ray’s real-life solo expedition to create history

Available – Jan 2020

Would you support an illegal programme to destroy terrorism from within?

Three years ago, Harry Decker ran a covert spy cell in Baghdad for the British SAS. A mental breakdown cost Decker his career and almost his sanity. All the other members of Decker’s cell are dead; victims of suicides, random accidents and multiple murders.

In a bid to rebuild his shattered mind, Harry undertakes a record-breaking crossing of Antarctica. However, as he fights for his life on the lethal glaciers, his brain concocts a vast conspiracy theory that might just be true…

 When Decker broadcasts his wild theory online, it’s intercepted by a group of men who will go to the ends of the earth to silence him. On the brink of madness can Harry Decker save his sanity and his life, while being hunted by former colleagues who will not hesitate to put a bullet in his head.

 Decker hunted people on the kill list, now he’s number one on it.


Be inspired...

Rays extraordinary life has evolved as a fiction and non-fiction writer whose character journeys match his own epic story.

Check out a few of his films below that highlight The Clinic inception and his thoughts on his past, plus his journey to date so far through the medium of a movie clip.

Getting from the wrong place to the right place in life inspired Ray to create the simple "Who Thinks Wins' pocket-journals that focus on Exploring ideas, Healthy Thinking and Living life by taking daily actions that matter.