“An SAS mans 4000 mile post-lockdown pub-crawl on a Brompton, armed with his debut novel and life shattering mentorship”


Ray is passionate about authenticity and prides himself on delivering content that comes naturally and instinctively. A man who takes the real hero’s journey without diluting the SAS brand or selling out to TV. However, as an advocate of helping people get to the right place from the wrong place when it matters most, he wants an audience to truly influence and inspire, through quirky adventures and life endangering expeditions. Without being a famous celeb flogging ghostwritten books in Waterstones, his “Who Dares Wins” attitude is taking his novel to the people in form of this book tour that’s ‘NOT ABOUT THE BOOK’ but to share mentorship in the form of the WHY and HOW to truly inspire people.

What is it?

In May he will peddle out of lockdown to quench his thirst for adventure and the odd pint on his unique book tour aptly named ‘The World’s Worst Ever Book Signing Tour”  The tour has a number of objectives that will not only inspire people to summer cycle and drink sensibly to sooth saddle sores, but also create a mobile podcast to share the stories of local unsung heroes, a few convicts and killers come good, and thankfully no burnt-out celebrities reinventing themselves.  

The tour will follow the coast of England where Ray will cycle between 60-80 miles a day in his book signing attire, pen tucked in his sock and a few copies of The Clinic in his satchel. This endeavour may have a lighthearted humour attached to it, but the challenge is a serious undertaking for an ex-SAS Sergeant beached on the wrong side of forty with an unhealthy appetite for junk food and continental strength larger.  

The bigger picture…

The man is preparing to be the first person to walk Solo, 1600 miles across Antarctica without any support in November.  – EXPED 2021.  This quirky Brompton adventure is not only the warm-up act, but also a fundraiser with his favoured charity ‘The Pilgrims Bandits” who are not shy of a few mad adventures themselves. Never one to follow the rules about getting money together for expeditions, the team hope this 50-day tour can raise money for The Pilgrims, but also dent a big chunk in the £200,000 budget needed to fund the 90 Day, 1600-mile Solo Antarctic expedition.   

How will it all work? 

A day of cycling evading road rage drivers and pot holes to finish at a local pub. After quenching his first he’ll happily sign copies of his debut novel to anyone mad enough to buy one. Each pub will notify their punters a few weeks in advance of Ray popping in, so all the fanatical groupies can order their books in advance and fight each other on the night to be first in the queue. He plans on either doing a quick talk until the local hard nuts playing pool threaten to kick his head in, or a podcast with a local unsung hero or scheduled person to share their inspirational journeys in life that will be aired throughout the epic endeavour. 

This travel adventure will be documented and turned into book called ‘It’s not about the book’ The world’s worst ever book signing tour” Ray’s authentic passion for performance and inspiring others is evident throughout his life and people have experienced his inspiration through daily sound-bites on his social instagram platform. Each daily leg will not only record the pain and suffering that’s compounded by near death experiences from drivers texting at the wheel, but his effortless and natural ability to mentor people in all aspects of functioning psychopathic behaviour and personal development. There is even talks of creating the 2021 coastal bike route and pub guide from his documentary crew and groupies, but that may be a vicious rumour! 

Updates and ways to contribute coming soon….

Be inspired...

Follow this epic journey that will see Ray doing what he does best -

1. Putting himself through extreme pain and suffering that's raw, un-cut that has unknown variables everyday.

2. Inspiring others to get from bad to good, or good to great through basic mentorship devoid SAS metaphors or scripted notes.

3. Supporting The Pilgrims Bandits charity that has adventure at their core, to provide our wounded soldiers and families a life full of optimism and aspiration.